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I love coaching and mentoring! If I was to describe my style and approach, it would be Soulful!  That’s right, ‘Soulful’!  What that means is that I coach and mentor with my heart and soul.  With passion and energy.  As a Coach and Mentor I use traditional techniques along what I have learnt as an NLP Practitioner and through my deep commitment to Mindfulness and Mindful Self Compassion.  I bring my life experience; good and bad and what I’ve learnt from the many mistakes I’ve made in my life.  I listen with a quiet mind, am pragmatic and hold my personal ‘Holy Trinity’ of Responsibility, Accountability and Trust throughout my coaching.



‘Cedi has made a significant impact on my career in a short space of time by making me alert to my strengths, how they will be perceived in the workplace, and how to use them to achieve my goals. His advice is practical, so I am able to apply it on a regular basis and see the impact. I have a much clearer idea of who I am as a senior leader and what I need to do to keep improving’.

‘You show great integrity and stay true to your word.  You go beyond the call of duty.  You listen attentively and calmly allowing the other person to process a question or information.  You are very patient when listening to others and show empathy towards their situation.  You are rational and calm when others are less so.  During times of extreme difficulty, you have been patient and exhibited good listening skills, allowing me time to process my thoughts and most importantly my emotions.  You've been mindful not to judge me and instead listen when I needed to talk.  You have always been honest and open with me’





‘You have provided me with great support and guidance, particularly at key transitions. Helping me to think openly.  You have increased my confidence in myself.  You have helped me to define what success means to me and the importance of going after this and knowing this for myself’.



‘I feel that if there is anyone who doubts their own ability to deliver then you are the person to approach.  I consider you to be one of the biggest influences on me in my work life as well as my personal life. You have created in me someone who believes in himself and what I deem a person of influence’.

‘I have known Cedi for just over 8 years and started working with him about 3 years ago. He has made a huge and positive impact on my life. He is always there when I need him.  Somehow, he just seems “to know” when I need him the most. I have sought his help on a range of issues and have always left our conversations feeling stronger, more empowered and able to see clearly how to use the ideas we have discussed.


His approach makes me feel at ease; he is excellent at drawing out the important information in a gentle manner. He is wise, friendly and well trained in a number of different techniques that can be used for various situations.


The strategies we have formulated together have been invaluable in both my personal and professional life. These have led to an improvement in my understanding of others and as a result, I feel better equipped to enjoy my relationships with family, friends and colleagues’.





Where do I start?


With a few clear and simple sentences you can make what feels like a huge problem very easy to solve by dealing with it directly with honesty and integrity and help me see how life will be more positive by dealing with it.


You’re committed to help me be the best person I can be, even when I doubt myself or my ability, you never do and make me realise I can do it.  You "catch up" with me to ensure I'm OK with my decision, or if my decision planned out well.  You never judge.  You're always positive.  You ask me to see the bigger picture to help me realise how the outcome will look.


You're a very patient listener, you never "butt in" and you make me feel I can explain without rushing.  Your core strengths? Motivating people. Positive attitude. Listening. Honestly and integrity.



In our conversations, I have never felt rushed. There is room for silence and time for me to think about questions you have asked, or to make notes.  You have a range of experiences (work and life), so you can empathise with people of all ages/with different life goals and aspirations.  There is no sense of judgement on decisions made or the way I have explained how reacted to something for example. You put me at ease.  You are good fun, which helps me to take things less seriously!

You have helped me to identify what skills and abilities differentiate me from others, and you have helped me to think more about authenticity (and use those skills that come naturally to me to my advantage, like listening, openness, empathy).  You have given me guidance and potential ideas on structure for how to handle difficult conversations at work - helping me to communicate clearly to my manager what I need to be successful - and this has helped me to lead conversations.  I have taken some really good nuggets of advice from your approaches and have been able to apply them.



At the end my personal development target and 5 years career plan, I attempted several job applications, which never went beyond shortlisting and interview stage.

I felt the need for mentoring support, also because quite a lot had happened in the 5years which I believe may have affected my confidence.

I found Cedi on LinkedIn in October 2019, I contacted him in November and had my initial introductory meeting with him on the 24/11/2019. Where he accepted to support me.

Cedi helped me to understand that I need a bit of both coaching and mentoring. He advised that I undertake an online self-assessment tool called the Judgement Index. The assessment helped me to see myself in a different light as it was a true reflection of my person and character… it was a scary discovery for me!

Working from the Judgement Index report, Cedi helped me to find the inner strength that silence my self-limiting believe and fear.  After three sessions and meeting with Cedi, I came to the realisation that there is enough in me to achieve my career progression and aspirations.  I began to build the confidence to power and maximise my potentials. I attempted another job opportunity and was successful to finally get a job offer.

I am grateful and excited for the new progress and look forward to continuing to work with Cedi to maximise my career ambition.

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