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Perhaps given the challenging times we’re living through at the moment it’s no surprise that I’m getting more and more enquires for coaching and mentoring support. I’m busier than ever, which I love!

One of the perhaps unintended consequences this current COVID-19 situation is that so many of the things we have taken for granted that maintain and sustain our personal development and wellbeing have been at best reduced, or at worse denied. People are reflecting on what they need to do differently in their future, what needs to change and how they might chart their path to that future.

So, if you’re in that place and feeling like you could use something that will give you some help, let me point you towards ‘FidlLeaf’! I know, I know, it’s not a name that trips of the tongue, but it’s well worth a look!

FidlLeaf is an online personal wellbeing and development platform. It’s been developed by people who know what they’re doing and I’m 100% convinced it WILL make a difference, it will help you to understand you better and help you move forward and get to where you want to be. Sophie and Adam, are developing FidlLeaf their way, through a crowdfunding appeal, so no corporate compromises allowed! They’re doing it their way, and I’m so pleased to support them!

For more about FidlLeaf, check out They’ve developed an individual and company platform. Sophie has asked me to remind you that the Crowdfunder and exclusive pricing are only available until the end of September!

You’re welcome!

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