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The Judgement Index™ (JI) is fundamental to ensuring that the ‘Making Work Work’ coaching programme delivers maximum benefits for you.  It is an online assessment that takes between 10 and 20 minutes to complete, and you will be invited to complete it before we start the programme.


The Judgement Index measures your ability to make sound judgements and decisions across 25+ different work related indicators including your decisions around ‘People’, ‘Work/Task’ and ‘Strategy’.  It provides an understanding of the impact your decision-making style on the people you work with and your ability to work with others.


The Judgement Index also evaluates and measures your capacity for a number of what is described as personal, or ‘Self Side’ indicators and how these impact on your work performance, resilience health and stress levels.


The Judgement Index is a scientifically proven and rigorously researched assessment tool.


After you complete the Judgement Index assessment, but before you begin the Making Work Work coaching programme, as an accredited Judgement Index consultant, I will take you through the results of your assessment either by Skype/Zoom, on the phone or subject to your location, face-to-face.  You will also receive a 44 page Personal report and a two page graphical summary of your results.


I have used the Judgement Index with many of my coaching clients and all have acknowledged its accuracy in drawing out the key issues.

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